interrogation techniques

Innocent people are questioned by the police all the time

You never know when the police might question you. It could be in response to
a crime you may have witnessed or an accident involving an acquaintance.
Or maybe you were just in the wrong
place at the wrong time. No matter the circumstance, you need to be prepared.

police interrogation techniques

But in their eyes, you're guilty until proven innocent

Don't ever assume that the police are honest or impartial. Their job is to close cases, not necessarily to get to the truth of the matter.
If they've got you in an interrogation room, then you better believe that they consider
you a suspect... and they will use almost any means necessary to trick you into confessing.

interrogation tactics

Protect yourself by understanding their deceptive tactics

It may seem hard to believe, but every year tens of thousands of innocent people are manipulated by police interrogators into confessing to crimes they didn't commit. That's why you need to arm yourself with
an understanding of their tactics so you
don't fall victim to the same coercion.

   police interrogation techniques

The police are legally allowed to lie and manipulate you

According to the Innocence Project, 30 percent of all DNA exonerations involve false confessions.

And The National Registry of Exonerations estimates that 182 out of 1432 known exonerations (or 13 percent) involved a false confession as a contributing factor.

None of these victims of the justice system walked into the interrogation room planning to confess. Why? Because they were innocent. But due to the extreme lies and manipulation of interrogators, they all walked out having confessed to crimes they didn't commit. And they went to prison as a result.

Learn what tactics they use so you can avoid prison and prevent yourself from becoming another statistic

Unfortunately, we now live in a world now where you can no longer take your civil rights and liberties for granted. You need to be proactive and educate yourself in the event you must undergo a police interrogation.

If you're interested in doing all you can to protect yourself from those who are sworn to protect and serve, then you need to invest in our program. Not only will you gain a full understanding of every tactic used by police investigators and officers alike, but you'll be given invaluable tips for how to counteract each and every one of their manipulation techniques.

This guide could literally save your life.

   interrogation techniques

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